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Nina creates a safe and welcoming space for healing with her calming presence and conscientiousness. She is attuned to her client’s needs and respectfully responds, holding the space for whatever may come up. Through her, and our sessions, I have learned effective methods to navigating life’s challenges. I have also learned a great deal about myself in this process. Nina has helped me to take important steps toward self-care and holistic wellness and I am grateful to her and her practice.

Chelsea K

For years I wanted to try Yoga!  I never took the plunge until a few months ago because I could never find a class that sounded very appealing.  Nina's class was referred to me by a good friend I play volleyball with, she had nothing but good things to say so I figured I would give it a shot.  My only regret has been that I hadn't started years ago!  Nina's class is for all levels of experience, if you want a challenge she will give you the option, and if you want to take it easy, she will show you how to modify.  The individual attention you get  during a class is what I think makes her classes so unique and so appealing to any one wanting to learn or perfect their practice.  I honestly can't get enough of it.  I play a lot of competitive volleyball in the city and have been battling a shoulder injury for what seems like forever!  I tried acupuncture, massage and chiro, and nothing touched it.  I signed up for 2-6 week sessions with Nina, and the strength I developed from her classes has completely resolved the injury and I feel absolutely amazing! Nina is an incredible instructor with such wonderful light and energy, you need this woman in your life! Come see why!

Shari Dale

I had Reiki treatment done with Nina twice now and was blown away by what she was able to pick up through the session first time and 2nd time around. She has helped open and clear my chakras with her powerful and healing energy which has also helped me to grow myself. I believe I was lead to Nina to start my journey first with healing myself and 2nd to recognize my calling so that I can help others soon just like her.!!She is truely a light worker and Earth Angel and I thank her for helping me along the way.

I had a fantastic Reiki experience with Nina. From the first session I felt that I was being cared for and listened to. The treatment itself was effective in creating awareness and healing some old wounds. I enjoyed the experience so much I referred my very own mother to Nina .

Myles Jeffers

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